Thank you for your great work and quality restoration services. It means Alot to our family.

Sandwich, IL

How many of us have boxes of photos tucked away without a home or old home movies or slides in a closet gathering dust? Wish you could preserve them easily and economically? Richard LaVoy, owner of Video Pro Video, located at 2 West Wilson St. in Batavia, IL has a solution that you may hot have thought of before.

Daily Herald

As an avid photographer, I have been a repeat customer for over 13 years. The professional and creative quality of their product at value prices, in addition to the prompt and efficient service, are reasons enough to return. I have not hesitated to refer friends and associates, including professionals in the photo and video medium, who have experienced the same level of service.

Geneva, IL

Thank you for your care in putting my reels on DVD. It brought all of us to tears. The transfer quality was great. Your service is great!

Atlanta, GA

I had you take a old photo that was in bad shape to see if you could make it better. Your photo restoration service is outstanding.

SD, California

 Its not often I feel compelled to write a letter for a job well done. I brought you my entire family history, including one of a kind photos, slides and our old home movies to you to have them preserved on digital. I just want to thank you for your quick service and the quality product you returned to me and my family. I could not believe how great they looked after all these years. Per your suggestion, I didnt tell anyone in my family that I was was doing this and the responce and tears were worth more than I can say and it also solved my christmas shopping worries.
N.Y City

I was so happy to find you to scan photos. The images that you returned to me, were a perfect match for my project for the family. I will send more in the future.

Silver Lake, MI

I hade a box of old photos that you scanned and made a DVD slideshow with music and effects. Outstanding quality and turn around time.


and preserving family memories

35 years ago we opened the doors of Reel Pro Video in Batavia IL. Preserving your family memories is our passion. The first sevice we offered was film restoration. We have the best equipment made, to convert your family movie film to DVD. When we transfer movie film to digital, we watch every frame and make adjustments for color, light & dark, and focus as well as edit out any bad film. All of your 16 mm, 8 mm, super 8 movie film is cleaned before it goes into our flicker free transfer system. Free music is added to non sound movie film. Our customers send us movie film and more from all over the country.
   As technology changes so does our business. We now offer a wide range of video and audio applications to digital media. We can transfer any format of video tapes to DVD. It is very important to get analog to digital. Video tapes lose quality with age, get them on DVD. Also, we transfer all cell phone photos and videos to DVD.
   We have a wide range of audio services. Records, LP's, audio tapes, reel to reel, micro tapes and steel wire recordings to CD. Photo slide-shows are very popular. We scan your photos to jpeg or tif files and create special event presentations such as graduations, life celebrations, and put your photos on dvd with music. We do the same with your slides. Scan them with digital ice restoration and manual retouchment.
   After 35 years of service there is no job we cant handle. We owe thanks to our customers for trusting us with their memories that can never be replaced.

Brian C. LaVoy,


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