My brother & I were hoping you could do a vhs to DVD. We came into your studio not expecting the service we received. Very Professional and great service.

Cheryl kessler
Plano, IL

I have worked with "Reel Pro Video" for over five years and have appreciated their help and assistance over the years. Quite by accident a friend recommended "Reel Pro Video" and though I live some 1500 miles away they have never missed a deadline nor have I ever
had a problem with their shipments OR the quality of their production. Their absolute knack for TRUE Customer Service is just so enjoyable. They have become business partners and I appreciate their advice, recommendations and their continued upgrading of their available services. I can easily recommend "Reel Pro Video" for any copies that need to
be made OR production and editing that are needed.

Seattle, WA


It is extremly important to transfer your analog media to digital. Analog tapes have a shelve life and at some point you will lose the quality to the point that will be unusable. Lots of video tapes I see come in are at the end of there time. Data falls off the tape due to gravity and use. Most of the tapes contain memories for families that can never be replaced.

I suggest starting with the oldest video and audio and get them digital such as a DVD. It looks like DVDs are going to be around a long time and with the proper care and storage your memories will be safe for a long time. People have asked me many times what the next format will be in the future. Im not really sure but it will be some version of digital and should be easy to convert without losing quality. Lots of clients have us make a second DVD copy that they put in safety deposit boxes for safe keeping. Not a bad idea !

We do have the capiblity to upscale your anolog tapes for the best possible quality. We view every tape and change settings on our equipment to make sure its done right. We will treat your memories with the same care we treat our own. After 34 years of being in this business we have seen it all and solve problems.

Brian C. LaVoy,