I am so glad that you can convert video. My video tapes are getting old and you saved them by coverting the analog to digital media. I want my kids to enjoy our memories for years to come.

Plainfield, IL

Recently you transformed and edited an old company video and made it current to today’s market! You put it on DVD and packaged it with a “Wow” label and working carefully with our marketing department. This came all on the heals of transferring my Dads old 8mm movies on to DVD. The family sat around the Saturday after we picked them up and we had an absolutely fabulous time. We laughed and cried together all in the same evening! Had I not met you several years ago when I needed some old slides transferred I wonder how and what I would be doing today. Thank you for you preservation of my family’s memories and the professional work you have done and continue to do for my business.

Sugar Grove, IL

Film to DVD transfer
We started over 34 years ago transferring old home movie film to VHS tapes. Through the years we have changed with technology and have the best flicker-free transfer system there is. To see which movie films we can convert to DVD or any digital format —

Video Media to DVD transfer
We suggest that any video tapes or film you have should be converted to Digital to stop any further loss of quality. Video tapes over a number of years lose sufficient amounts of data from the analog tape. We can improve the analog signal before we record it to a DVD.

Slides & Photos to DVD transfer
We use the best scanners made, to restore your slides and photos to outstanding quality TIF or JPEG images that then can be made into a “Slideshow DVD” or captured on a CD or DVD should you want to do your own editing. Easy Listening music will be on any slideshow order.

DVD to DVD & CD to CD
Copies with professional labeling. Mass quantities available!

Thumbdrives, SD cards, flash drives, cell phone photos and videos to DVD transfer

Your photos and videos — our service !

Our Audio Services include:
— Cassette Tapes to CD
— Reel to Reel audio tape to CD
— Micro-cassettes to CD
— Record albums or LP's to CD

Email for quote: info@reelprovideo.com